Complete solution for flight simulators and virtual pilots

About WoaPlanner

Our planner offers a complete solution for flight simulators Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X, 10, X-Plane and Prepar3D

Route planning

The planner will create a route for you between two airports based on the navigation data from the latest Airac cycle.

Fuel calculation

WoaPlanner will calculate the main and reserve fuel for flights on Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and other most common aircraft.

Selection of procedures

Based on your route, WoaPlanner will offer you a choice of SID, STAR and Approach procedures for your departure and arrival ports.

Navigation charts

For the selected procedures, the planner will display navigation charts with all the necessary information about that procedure or airport.


WoaPlanner will provide you with real current weather data in METAR format and TAF weather forecast.

Airac update

In our planner you can download and install the latest Airac database for your flight simulator and your favorite aircraft and applications.

Route export

WoaPlanner allows you to download files for exporting the compiled route to the MSFS2020, X-plane, FSX, P3D simulators, PMDG, Aerosoft aircraft and vPilot and IVAO network flight programs.


For ease of use, you can install WoaPlanner as an application for your computer or as a module in the MSFS 2020 menu.

Charts and Navdata updates

WoaPlanner uses the latest database Airac and airport graphics charts to build your route and display all flight procedures.


Any information on this site is not intended for flight and air navigation in the real world! This is illegal and not safe! The information on the site can only be used for virtual flights on your home computer!